1968 Camaro RS SS 396 Convertible
This project is now complete.
engine compartment
side view
A photo of the engine
Another engine shot
The car without a top
rear view dash area seat area
Showing the rear of the car
Working under the dash
A shot of the interior before seats
windshield area a different angle of the dash the steering wheel
No windshield yet
Another shot of the front area
Temporary steering wheel
more of the engine compartment the windshield is installed the new door panels are installed
Still working on the car
The new windshield is in
Starting to put on the door panels
the old back seat the new back seat back the new back seat bottom
The old back seat
The new back of the seat re-upholstered
The bottom of the back seat is done now too
the engine is looking good
the before picture
reupholstered camaro bucket
The engine is looking good
The front seats that came in the car
After being re-upholstered
The seats and the rest of the interior is in. The view from the rear The view from the front with the new top installed.
The interior is in
The new top is on
A shot of the top from the front
a shot of the interior
A shot of the finished interior
Polished and ready to go
Look at that shine
  ready to go  
Ready to go home!


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