1969 Chevelle
This car came in for bodywork and paint only.
more damage to check out before we are underway a place to look more carefully
A spot of damage
A place to check more carefully
Another bit of damage
new trunk floors working inside the car the new floor
The new trunk floor
The new floor pan
Another shot of the floor
a new quarter panel a new hood the trunk lid was replaced too
A new quarter panel
A new hood
Working on the bodywork
the car is in primer the view of the side an overall shot of the car
The car in primer
A view down the side
An shot of the driver's side
a shot under the hood a view of the firewall the brand new hood
A shot under the hood
A shot of the firewall
A shot of the new hood
a nice green was chosen by the customer painted the other side
Painted at last
A nice green was chosen
Ready to go home



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