1971 TR6
On this car we did the body and paint and installed a new convertible top.
tr6 picture 1 tr6 picture 2 getting underway on the restoration
Before we began
Starting to strip the car
The paint removal is well underway
a bad spot on the car a really bad spot another view of the bad spot
Some damage on the door
Around the top area
A better view
more rust showing the rust on the passenger side not looking good
The trunk area
The other side
The damage seems worse
the hood a view of the door working on a piece
Part of the hood
A better view of the door
A view of the fender
some of the repair work more repair work completed working toward the rear of the car
The repairs have started
Metal repair of the top area
Another shot of this area
a better shot of some of the repair around the wheel a general shot of the car
The metal work on the driver's side
This part of the job is complete
The hood & trunk lid will soon be on
tr6 in primer tr6 in primer picture 2 tr6 in primer picture 3
The primer is on
Ready for paint
Another view of the car in primer
Putting on the new convertible top
The car is painted & the top is on
A shot of the convertible top from the front
side view of the finished car
The car is done and ready to go
A side view showing the decal at rear
Going to get loaded in the car trailer



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